AXIOM Rent A Car will diliver Your car
FREE OF CHARGE to the Airport Belgrade.
Our rental agent will wait for You at the customs exit, in the hall on your right, where car rental counters are.
Rental Agent is waiting for You in the hall, (Terminal T2 - International Arrivals), holding a board with Your name on it.

After You signe the rental agreement, rental agent will take You to the parking to collect the car.

Parking is only 50 meters away from Int.Arrivals hall - T2 Airport Belgrade.


Don't worry - we are waiting for You!

At the time of car booking, be sure to note Your Arriving FLIGHT NUMBER.
If we have confirmed your reservation, we follow the flight changes (delay, cancellation) on the Airport Belgrade website and on the departing airport website and… we wait for You! If the flight is cancelled, please contact us – send text massage to our mobile phone 00381 63 686 610
We will keep the reserved car for You, for the new pick up time!
When You depart from Airport Belgrade, You should check in 2 hours before the flight departure time. Usually, this is also the time that we agree to be the rent a car drop off time.


Rent A Car History

Rent A Car beginnings are connected to early 20th century in the United States, with the serial production of the car brand Ford T. First, the commercial travelers rented cars and later, liquor smugglers during Prohibition. Between the two world wars, the development of railways had a critical influence to the development of car rental business – Car Rentals was organized between railway station. Rent A Car has flourish after World War II, with the development of air traffic. Arrangements "Fly and Drive" has began to sell - air ticket and car rental services on the same cost, same place. Renting a car today is usually from-to airport. Today, every international airport offering car rental services, including Airport Belgrade.

The first flying field in Belgrade appeared by the end of 1910. The Airport location in Belgrade has changed a several times to its present location in Surcin, located since 1962, just 12 km from the city center. In 1997, equipment for a CAT II has been installed, enabling the take-off and landing in low visibility conditions and in year 2008 was installed modern equipment, enabling International Airport Belgrade to operate at full capacity in conditions of extremely low visibility.


Aeronautical Museum was founded in 1957 and is located only 200m from the main building of the Belgrade Airport. If your flight is delayed or you arrive at the Belgrade airport before time, we strongly recommend that you take time to visit this interesting museum that takes you through the history of the origin and development of aviation in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. The museum's collection is diverse and includes 200 aircraft, 130 aircraft engines, radars and missiles, more than 20,000 books and technical documentation as well as over 200,000 photographs.

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